Jack Mason Regatta Timer Review

by Mar 10, 2019Jack Mason, Limited Edition

It’s been a while since my last post, but the upcoming visit to Baselworld has prompted a slightly out of date review (Apologies!). 

This watch was actually a purchase I made personally, via Kickstarter, from a brand which had been relatively successful already, with a number of ranges of watches already under it’s belt.

Inspired by a history of family sailing, the Regatta Timer is definitely a watch built with a focus on functionality.  With 200m water resistance and chronograph timer functionality being the focus, it really should be a good companion whilst sailing.

Jack Mason’s introduction says it all very well, stating that the watch was designed with functionality in mind first:

 Introducing the pinnacle of our classic Nautical Pillar – the Regatta Timer – JM-N105. With functionality as the central focus for this design, our traditional Nautical dial blueprint has been reimagined to prominently feature the regatta countdown timer, an essential part to yachting and extremely accurate timekeeping.

Jack Mason Regatta Timer presentation box

Jack Mason Regatta Timer presentation box


The box is a very substantial feeling box, well sprung and the watch sitting up nicely in the centre of grey alcantara. There is a warranty booklet as expected and a nice touch that they have also included a Jack Mason Sailing badge, should you wish to iron it onto your jacket!!

Face & case

On first glance the shape seems a bit strange, with the almost flower shaped 42mm bi-directional compass bezel, but it seems to be growing on me the more I look at it.  There are also 2 pusher function buttons on wither side of the screw down crown, which happens to show the Jack Mason Star on the top of it.

Moving in from the blue bezel, there seems to be a fair bit going on behind the sapphire crystal, although it is very easy to see each function independently.  5 minute markers are in blue super luminova, as are the hour and minute hands, which appear quite chunky, obviously for ease of reading whilst on the move.  The face is a light silver, with splashes of white, blue and red, as well as black being used for additional time markers.

Inside the minute markers is the regatta race start timer, which is designed to be set 10 minutes before the race starts.  Once set, the watch chimes each minute leading up to the start, every 10 seconds in the last minute, followed by a 10 second chiming countdown until “GO”, with it all being shown around the regatta timer minute markers; as well as there being 2 internal chronograph faces – the one on the left is for the countdown seconds and also the 24hr timmer, and the right is the primary seconds hand.

The date is shown very clearly like a smiley face mouth, at the bottom inside the regatta timer markings.

The model, was launched as a Limited Edition run of 150 pieces, however I do know Jack Mason have released it for general sale.  As you can see, the watch reviewed is numbered 135/150.

Jack Mason Regatta Timer case back

Jack Mason Regatta Timer case back


This regatta timer is powered by a Swiss made quartz chronograph movement By ISA, the Cal. 8270B. It’s a familiar movement, also found in other well known brands such as Bulova and Bausele.


The watch was originally offered with a navy blue rubber strap, however I’m not a fan of rubber straps, so opted to purchase a 22mm link band at the time of purchase.  It is brushed steel to match the case, with 2 polished accents running around.  The hidden clasp works nicely and is well concealed.

Jack Mason Regatta Timer optional metal link band

Jack Mason Regatta Timer optional metal link band

Other stuff

It wouldn’t be a sailing watch if it wasn’t water resistant – tested for 200m, this should be good up to 20ATM.

It’s a decent weight, but at only 11mm thick, it is fairly unobtrusive on the wrist and fits under a cuff without a fight.

Without knowing what each function was for until I read the instructions, it did seem difficult to operate, and pressing buttons randomly resulted in multiple chimes, as it effectively reduces the countdown and in the final 10 seconds it seems to just be chiming constantly without the ability to turn it off.  That being said, after reading the instructions, it makes perfect sense and works really well.

Jack Mason Regatta Timer on the wrist

Jack Mason Regatta Timer on the wrist

Our verdict

It’s certainly not in the realm of Rolex Yacht Master II, Panerai Luminor Regatta, or Ulysse Nardin Marine Regatta, but the Jack Mason Regatta Timer is a solid sports watch, which seems to be great value for the money, being sub $1,000 and does “exactly what it says it does on the tin”.

It’s a fairly conservative looking watch, both in colour, but size which is ideal for casual or smart casual use (as well as it’s proper sailing use (but I don’t sail) and I’ve found myself choosing to wear it over many others, purely due to that reason.

As explained earlier, the Limited Edition shown was part of the Kickstarter Limited Edition campaign, however the brand is now selling the Regatta Timer for $695.