Krayon Everywhere Horizon Watch Review

by Sep 9, 2018Krayon, Unique Piece

Let’s not beat around the bush – this watch is special.  Not only does it feature the universal mechanical calculation of sunrise and sunset times; each watch is a unique piece, fully personalised by the specification of it’s new owner.

Following the success of the Everywhere watch in 2017 Krayon founder Rémi Maillat is back with a bang, showcasing these custom timepieces. Not only does the watch make a statement in the looks department, but the Everywhere Horizon is an incredible mechanical watchmaking masterpiece, featuring 595 hand-finished components (85 jewels, 84 gear assemblies and a total of 145 gear parts), purpose made for this timepiece using traditional haute horlogerie techniques, which has resulted in a universal mechanical calculator that gives the exact sunrise and sunset times.  It also incorporates an equation of time, a secret function that is not shown on the dial, used for the calculations.

It sounds as if it could be difficult to figure out how to take advantage of the watch’s unique feature, however it’s simple according to Krayon:

Simply enter latitude, longitude and time zone, and the mechanism combines this with date and month to calculate sunrise and sunset times. These are intuitively displayed on sectors representing day and night which move and change size to show the times on the outer dial’s 24-hour scale.  Everywhere Horizon reaches this seemingly simple result by combining the four parameters that influence sunrise and sunset calculations. First latitude and longitude, which geographically define a point on Earth, then the UTC time zone, and lastly the date and month. The watch’s wearer sets each one as required to then see the precise hour at which the sun will appear and disappear, in the place of his choice and on the day he wishes.

Krayon Everywhere - 595 Exploded Components

Krayon Everywhere – 595 Exploded Components

Face & case

There is a lot going on in the face behind the sapphire crystal, however the 94 baguette cut sparkling diamonds surrounding it are slightly distracting.  When I say distracting, it’s not negative, but more a moment of appreciation, seeing almost 5 carats of diamonds on the bezel and lugs.  The case is 43mm and white gold and with so much going on with the movement, one would expect it to be deeper than just 11.7mm.  Remarkably, the movement itself is only 6.5mm thick.

The face is mainly black, with white indicators and hand painted miniature decorations.  The hands and indicators which are in daily use for functions such as date and time, are in blue for optimal legibility and to be easily distinguished from the hands that correspond to the other parameters.

For day to day use, the outer dial represents the whole day with a 24 hour scale – hours are read from this outer dial thanks to a blue arrow on a 24-hour scale, whilst minutes are shown separately by the large blue central hand.  The sub-dial at the bottom of the face has 2 hands, which indicate both date and month.

The sunrise and sunset times can be seen where the day and night sectors meet.  As the seasons change, or at different locations, the number of daylight hours lengthen or shorten. The blue arrow (over yellow in daylight hours), indicating the hours on this same dial describes the path of the sun as it travels through the sky.  A subsidiary dial in the upper part of the main dial displays longitude between +180° and -180°, shown by the longest of the two hands. The shorter hand points to the UTC time zone and advances in half increments to take every time zone in use around the world into account. The DST (Daylight Saving Time) indication reminds how to adjust for summer time. Two hands occupy the centre of the main dial: the one on the left covers latitude between 60°North and 60°South while the hand on the right shows the chosen parameter: date, latitude, longitude or UTC.

Krayon Everywhere Horizon Close Up

Krayon Everywhere Horizon Close Up

Although all these functions should be a nightmare to configure the correct display, the engineers at Krayon have managed to (somehow) give the Everywhere Horizon the capacity to combine and display multiple parameters; they have ensured that setting these parameters is simplicity itself. Depending on which you’d like to set, whether it be date, latitude, longitude, or UTC; all can be selected by using the pusher on the left side of the case, then set from the crown, by turning the crown forwards or backwards.


The 22mm strap is black Alligator with black stitching, finished off with a white gold buckle and pin.

Krayon Horizon Everywhere back

Back of the Krayon Horizon Everywhere

Other stuff

Three patents have been filed to protect these inventions. Automatically wound by a gold micro-rotor, the USS (Universal Sunrise & Sunset) calibre beats at a frequency of 3 Hz and delivers an 80-hour power reserve.

You may have noticed that the sides and the frame of the case back are hand engraved, providing an even more elaborate and luxury feel to this exquisite timepiece.

Krayon Everywhere Horizon in the flesh

Krayon Everywhere Horizon in the flesh

Our verdict

The Krayon Everywhere Horizon is a watchmaking masterpiece.  There is no other way to describe it.

Although it looks more like a dress watch than anything else, I suspect owners would probably make up crazy excuses to buy more outfits to wear it on a more regular basis – I certainly would!!

Expect to pay in excess of 600,000 CHF (+ VAT) for your own bespoke version; and if you do, I’m sure you (and anyone else who sees you wearing it) will enjoy the experience every time.

I can’t wait to learn what the next chapter is from Krayon.