Gevril Avenue of Americas Intravadere Review

by Aug 11, 2019Gevril, Limited Edition

Gevril have Combined American inspiration with a modern/retro design and added a Swiss movement.

The Avenue of Americas collection was inspired by 1930’s New York City.  Sixth Avenue in Lower Manhattan, which runs north from Tribeca to Central Park, is also known as Avenue of Americas.

There have been a number of editions of the Avenue of Americas over the last few years, however Gevril explain the concept behind the Intravedere edition:

Intravedere means glimpse in Italian, and that’s exactly what you get with the new Gevril Avenue of Americas Intravedere Collection.  What makes this edition of the iconic Avenue of Americas unique is the addition of an open-heart window on the dial, revealing the rotating Ruben & Sons balance wheel.

Gevril Avenue of Americas Intravedere

Gevril Avenue of Americas Intravedere

Face & case

Rather than selecting a single piece, this review is on the Intravedere collection, as it features five editions, all limited editions and based along the same design, but with slight differences in appearance.

The rectangular shaped case is 44mm high x 34mm wide and manufactured from 316L stainless steel; available in either a stainless or two-tone stainless and yellow gold finish.

Available in black or white, with a spiralling diamond shaped guilloche style pattern and distinctive oversized 1930’s numbers circle the dial in a contrasting tone.  The black face features stainless numbers, whilst the white face has either yellow gold or rose gold options.  All sit under a sapphire crystal glass.

Inside the hour numbers and following the shape of the case, is a rectangular ring featuring 60 minute markers.  Part of this ring is missing though, as is the number 8.  In it’s place is a large aperture to view the balance wheel spinning away behind.  The hole is surrounded by a frame in the same colour as the hour numbers, which is nestled right up against the centre of the hands and with a dark screw at either side holding the frame in place.  

Between the number 6, “Swiss made” is clearly visible , and the Gevril logo can be seen in the centre of the dial above the centre of the hands.

The hour and minute hands appear like chubby raindrops (if that’s even a thing!), finishing at a long pointy end, whilst the minute hand is thin.

The majority of the reverse is a screw down brushed steel plate and features the engraving “Avenue of Americas” at the top and a few other things are engraved at the bottom, including it’s water resistance to 5ATM and the watch number of the limited edition series.

There is a smaller than usual, circular exhibition window in the centre of the case back, where the rotor can be seen in black, with the Gevril logo in bold.  The Ruben & Sons Logo can also be seen on the movement below.

The lugs appear very short, with screws visible on the outside, which keep the strap pins in place.

Gevril Avenue of Americas Intravedere Case Back

Gevril Avenue of Americas Intravedere Case Back


The movement is an automatic movement by Swiss company Ruben and Sons.  Unfortunately no further technical information was available.

Gevril Avenue of Americas Intravedere Crown

Gevril Avenue of Americas Intravedere Crown

Side and Crown

The side of the case is brushed stainless steel, contrasting with the rest of the case and strap.

The crown is quite small for the size of watch, but the deep grooves allow for easy manipulation.  The “G” is embossed on the end.

Gevril Avenue of Americas Intravedere Strap

Gevril Avenue of Americas Intravedere Strap


Depending on the colour configuration of the case and dial, the strap is a link strap in either stainless, or two tone stainless and yellow gold, with a sturdy butterfly clasp too lock, featuring the Gevril “G” in the centre.

There is also the option of a black or brown calfskin strap, with traditional buckle to match your choice of case colour.

Gevril Avenue of Americas Intravedere on the Wrist

Gevril Avenue of Americas Intravedere on the Wrist

Our verdict

The first thing I thought about when I saw the Intravedere was Franck Muller, due to the oversized flamboyant numbers.  Whilst it may not be from a well known luxury brand, I’m sure there will be people out there who’s wallets appreciate a Swiss watch at a lower price point.

The Intravedere is a good weight on the wrist and it is comfortable, the case back follows the curve of my wrist well.  At only 12mm at it’s deepest point, there should be no issues with it getting stuck under sleeves.

This isn’t one I would choose though, as it’s just not to my taste, but if I had to choose one, it would be the stainless, white and rose gold.  If you are looking for a modern, vintage looking watch, then the yellow gold case would be best.

Each of the 5 options in the series has a limited run of only 500 pieces.  /