Wilbur Watch Co

American Timepieces for the Limitless Few; by award winning designer and CEO Jason Wilbur.

An American designer and manufacturer of timepieces, WILBUR is shaping the future. Driven by the spirit of pioneers and proven by the epic journey of creating mechanical sculpture that tells time, WILBUR is for the limitless few.

Wilbur is Advanced Individualism. It’s not a brand for trend followers, focus groups, or celebrity seekers.  It’s practically not even a brand, but rather, it’s the same spirit that’s driven every pioneer forward since people crossed the ocean in wooden longboats.

Wilbur delivers American Design at its artistic, emotional, mechanical best.

These timepieces are as precise as they are stunning.  We design and build them for spirits as rough and free as ourselves. This is mechanical art that tells time, yes.  But these are also attitude adjustment devices.  They help us remember that we chart our own course and the far horizon beckons. We are not reliant on a marketing report to tell us what is good and what is not. So if you’re already planning your next epic adventure, Wilbur will meet you at the top.

Jason Wilbur is an award-winning designer with decades of creative and technical experience in a broad range of product categories, including timepieces.  Along with his leadership in pioneering new realms in the world of design is the founding of the eponymous WILBUR brand.  From the rarified world of automotive R&D to advanced car design and experimental timepieces,

Jason Wilbur is hell-bent on Designing the Future.  By any means necessary.

Over 10 years ago, Jason’s first production watch and patented movement design were nominated for the prestigious Swiss horological award, the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), also known as the Oscars of the Watch Industry.  Such a nomination is extremely rare for an American designer in an industry largely dominated by Swiss watchmakers.  A rebel seed was planted, and the WILBUR brand was born.  Ultimately, the brand is very much a reflection of the hungry spirit and rebellious nature of its founder.