Sequent x Seconde/Seconde/ Smart(ass) Watch Review

by Mar 3, 2024Limited Edition, Sequent

Smart watches are often purely about functionality and rarely much consideration is given to how they might fit into a wearer’s daily apparel.  This isn’t the case with Sequent, who have taken a relatively “normal” looking watch and added all the usual smart watch functionality.

Sequent was founded in Switzerland in 2016, by a group of entrepreneurs and engineers, with a singular focus to improve health in the most modern and effortless way.  They have designed a smart watch that has the appearance of a more “traditional” watch, but together with their own Oxygo application, provides just as much feedback on vital readings, as is available with many of the other smart watches available on the market.

They teamed up with French designer seconde/seconde/, to provide a humorous design version of their technologically connected Supercharger.

The technology is as advanced as their design is pleasing to the eye and everything has been created in house.  Adrian Buchman, CEO and Co-Founder of Sequent explains the idea behind their creation:

We invented the first smartwatch powered by our in-house autonomous and automatic caliber. It converts your motion into electricity through gravity. The fresh new concept provides virtually infinite power autonomy, as long as you regularly wear it and move actively. Once the internal power cell is fully charged it gives you a standby time of more than a year. The autonomous charging module is interconnected with the most cutting-edge health monitoring sensor technologies.

Sequent x Seconde Seconde Smart(ass)

Sequent x Seconde Seconde Smart(ass)

Face & case

A 42.1mm polished titanium case with a very thin bezel, frames a matt white dial, which sits about 2mm below a domed sapphire crystal with a raised box-like edge.

The dial is in the same layout as can be seen in the previous SuperCharger models, having applied oval shaped hour markers with SuperLuminova® treatment; these reduce in size at the lower half of the dial, where a horseshoe shaped activity tracker indication area takes up most of the lower half of the dial (more specific detail on that later).  The biggest difference to this dial, is that it is visibly a lot busier than the other models, due to the cheeky comments scribbled in thin black handwritten text on the dial.

“notes to self” can be seen off centred to the left of the top centre.  It is underlined; the underscore actually strikes through the first 2 letters of the SEQUENT brand name that is printed in red caps between 11 and 1 o’clock.  The other scribbled notes are all activity based comments and are relevant to the amount of effort the watch indicates as the wearer’s vitals change due to exercise – from least active on the left of the horseshoe, to most active on the right, you will read “get your ass moving bitch”, “shut up, push harder” and “don’t flatter yourself”.

The activity indicator has 2 indication scales, which have a white hand, finished with a long, red arrow shape to indicate the reading.  Tiny markers on the inner indicator go from red on the left, to dark grey, through white and finish in blue on the right – this scale can be used to read percentage of steps against daily target and power reserve.  The second (outer) scale has numbers printed in white from 0 on the left, to 160 on the right; they are in intervals of 10 and can be used to read the wearer’s vitals, such as heart rate and blood sp02 levels.  Most of the functions are triggered on commands via the crown.

Long and thin, white brushed hands, filled with SuperLuminova®, sit above the dial to indicate the time.

From the side, the central section of the case has been finished in black.  The crown has a red rubber ring around its circumference and the brand’s logo stands out in a polished finish, with a brushed background on the end.  On the case side opposite the crown, there are 2 contact points in the centre of the black central area, which are the metal contact points and are used to connect with the charger to enable charging.

Turn the watch over and you will see a raised, deep gloss black area in the centre, which houses the smart sensors.  Each of the sensors has a metal surround, as does the black area itself.  The area is raised above the case back height, to aid better contact with the skin.  

Below the sapphire case back, the tungsten rotor can be seen spinning above an electromechanical device in the centre (tungsten is used to increase inertia and power output).  The rotor has 3 soft triangular cut out areas and “SEQUENT SUPERCHARGER²” can be seen around the edge in black. DUe to the electromechanical nature of the movement, there is a degree of juddery haptic feedback from within the watch as the rotor rotates and stops.  

It doesn’t state it anywhere on the watch, however, the case has been tested to 50 meters water resistance.

Sequent x Seconde Seconde Smart(ass) Case Back

Sequent x Seconde Seconde Smart(ass) Case Back


The SC 2.2 is an in house made, all Swiss movement, with the self charging mechatronic technology being their own proprietary design; unique in the fact it combines the best of battery powered and mechanical power sources.

Functions include hours and minutes, as well as the smart readings available, which are explained in more detail in the “Other stuff” section below.

The brand claim that the Sequent movement is probably one of the most accurate automatic powered movements ever made, with a precision of ±0.3 seconds a day, which is actually up to ten times more precise than Chronometer (COSC) standards.

With regards to power reserve, this can vary considerably, depending on the wearers activity.  The numbers below are estimates based on a user generating no power at all – the more they move, the more these values will increase.

· Standby mode: up to 18 months
· Activity tracking: up to 12 months
· Activity tracking + 2 hours heart rate: up to 6 months
· Activity tracking + 5 minutes heart rate: up to 30 days.

Leave your watch unattended and the hands will pause after 24 hours, pick it up and the time auto updates to the correct position without syncing.

When the watch reaches 40% of full charge, steps will still be tracked, but Bluetooth® is disabled.  Below 10% the watch goes into time only mode.

Sequent x Seconde Seconde Smart(ass) Strap & Buckle

Sequent x Seconde Seconde Smart(ass) Strap & Buckle


The strap is a wide black rubber strap; smooth on the outside, and ribbed on the inside, with the brand’s logo near the lug end.  It is 22mm wide from the lugs to the pin buckle fastener, which is in brushed titanium, with SEQUENT engraved across one side.  

There are 14 fastening holes, which makes it easy for micro-adjusting and less likelihood of the watch moving up/down the wrist.


Sequent Oxygo App

Sequent Oxygo App

Other Stuff

Being a smart watch, it is important to know that there is decent technology behind it.  Well, the watch is fitted with Medical Grade sensors and there is an app called Oxygo, of which, we have screen shots above, showing the 4 main screens, which in themselves, also have other useful indicators.

The main useful functions are listed below:

· Activity tracking (steps, distance, calories) – Monitoring your general activity, steps and calories. 
· Heart rate monitoring – Either on-demand, or continuously throughout the day, heart rate monitoring tracks beats per minute, peak and low points, as well as resting heart rate.
· Sleep tracking – Daily awake, light and heavy sleeping time can be tracked
· Blood oxygen level (Sp02)
· Sports/workout mode
· Maps with e-GPS (requires phone)

Some functions can be activated by using the crown of the watch:

· Activate – If the watch has been in standby and you’d like to (re)connect to the App, double click the crown fast.
· Sync – 2 quick presses in succession will allow connection to the app and it will sync to the correct time automatically.
· Power Reserve
2 quick presses of the crown will show the current power reserve.
· Sport Session –
To begin a session, a long press of the crown for 2 seconds, followed by 2 quick taps will start and press 3 times quickly to end.
· Heart Rate –
4 quick presses in succession will show your heart rate at that moment

The Oxygo App is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones.

In addition to the useful functions, Sequent also have an active user community, who see themselves as part of similar circles – a mixture of athletes optimizing performance, to those striving to improve their personal wellbeing. 

Sequent x Seconde Seconde Smart(ass) On the Wrist

Sequent x Seconde Seconde Smart(ass) On the Wrist

Our verdict

Smart watches have never interested me.  Specifically Apple watches.  Why would I want to strap a mini phone to my wrist, when I have my phone with me at all times, which does the majority of the same things, other than monitoring my vital signs  I don’t feel the need to look like a challenged individual speaking into my watch to make/take a phone call.  I also know I am fit and healthy, so don’t see any point in tracking every moment of what my body does.


In saying that and after spending some time looking into the functions and wearing the Smart(ass) watch for a couple of days monitoring my own body vitals, I kind of appreciate how it could be useful in certain scenarios and probably a bit of an addiction constantly checking what’s going on.

The Sequent Supercharger design is well conceived and proportioned.  I do like the simplistic layout; the addition of the cheeky scribbles by Seconde Seconde add another layer of intrigue to the overall appearance.  The Sequent Supercharger is the first smart watch design that I have seen, that doesn’t look like a plastic tool watch.

On the wrist, the 42mm case looks about right and it feels very light.  Weighing in at only 50g, had it not been for the haptic feedback as the rotor moves, it could feel as if there was no watch there.  At 14.2mm thick and with the gently rounded and polished case, I expect it will slip nicely under most cuffs.

Regular readers know I’m not really a fan of rubber straps, however, this one is actually quite comfortable due to the ridges all the way round and the micro adjustments for fastening actually make a lot of sense.  The only other negative I could mention is that some of the markings around the subdial indicator are printed white on white, so they are really quite hard to see/read.

One observation I would make, is that it is not possible (that I can see), to set the time to an incorrect time.  Had I not been trying to set the time to photograph it, I may not have noticed, but I know that some people set their watch fast so as to avoid being late, so maybe this isn’t something they can do.

With only 160 pieces being made and with a price tag of just 549 CHF, it’s clear to see why it sold out relatively quickly.

I love watch design and actually would wear the Smart(ass) watch based purely on its appearance.  I also appreciate the mechanical micro-engineering that has gone into it (including the additional easy to use technology by Sequent), but I still don’t really see the point in tracking my every move. 

If you, however, are looking for a smart watch for regular monitoring of your vitals, then Sequent do arguably have some of the most aesthetically pleasing designs available in the Smart Watch sector – go check them out.