Time Keepers

Luxury Horological Aegis

In Greek mythology, an Aegis was a shield or breastplate borne by Zeus and his daughter Athena (and occasionally by Appolo). In our world, the definition of Aegis is protection.

The materials that are used to create watch protection, storage and accessories in general, are usually fairly inexpensive and the majority of the very few luxury products that seemed to be available, also seemed to only be available in boring colour combinations. The brand was therefore created out of watch collectors’ selfish urge to own accessories that matched their expectations.

Time Keepers has a simple goal; to create luxurious products, using the finest of materials and not following the herd when it comes to colour combinations. (Although there are of course some classic colours available).

The first product is a collection of handmade watch rolls of different designs, materials and colours; there are other products in the pipeline too, so keep your eyes peeled for what comes next.