At the Heart of Métiers d’Art, TAOS emerges in the realm of the Extraordinary

Combining the pure vision and exceptional talents of renowned Genevan dial maker Atelier Olivier Vaucher with the insightful passion of watchmaker OlivierGaud, TAOS is born, unveiling a novel concept in watchmaking:

Watches combining multiple exceptional artistic crafts, each a unique masterpiece, crafted in the Geneva workshop, to create extraordinary dials that spring to life through intricately decorated mechanical movements.

Each watch is one-of-a-kind, each dial a work of art. The culmination of years of experience, patience and creativity, amassed by the more than 40 artisan Al craftspeople at Atelier Olivier Vaucher.

Over 200 hours of work go into making a single dial, over 100 hours of engraving into eachmovement. With Atelier Olivier Vaucher as its keystone, TAOS elevates the standards of watchmaking to the pinnacle of exclusivity and creativity.

The Atelier shares its completesavoir-faireand expertise with TAOS, the same skills that have enriched the watchmaking industry as a whole. Indeed, since 1978, the most prestigious brands have consistently sought out the expertise and artistry of Olivier and Dominique Vaucher and their team.

Today, their golden touch, inspired by the passionate horologist Olivier Gaud, is dedicated to crafting an inaugural series of 7 unique watches. Each piece is distinct, unprecedented, and showcases astyle never seen before.

The Geneva based brand speaks to those who love beauty, finesse, poetry and the infinite variety of emotions that only these ‘miracle hands’ could bring to life.