Mark Gold

The backstory on our watches is intertwined with my 30 journey in the watch & jewellery space.

Mark Gold started in Durban, South Africa in the mid ’80s studying jewellery design & manufacture.  Upon completion of the 4 year University course, he soon learned that the best way to sell my work was in my own retail space. He introduced a new concept store around 1998 whereby they attached a small coffee shop to a high end jewellery store.  The concept was an immediate success as “the cheesecake & cappuccino bar” drew in loads of people for him to engage with & sell jewels to.  The store was voted ‘coolest in the world’ in 2005 by the in design, an American jewellery magazine.

Around this time he was approached by Cartier to stock their watches & it was then that he realised the power of watches.

The watch side began to grow & included Cartier, Graham, Franck Muller & U-Boat

A new journey began …

With a curious mind and an inherent self-belief that “innovative design and beauty should be one”, Mark began to conceptualise a new watch brand.  The journey started by researching every prominent brand & finding the unique design points & then creating a new look that was sufficiently different from anything out there.  It was about 2 years of work from idea to finished prototype.

We work with a fabulous Swiss technical team & started around 2016.  “The Gamechanger” is a fully Swiss made 3000m masterpiece with a GMT mechanical movement designed and handcrafted with a unique patented, modular architecture which allows the buyer bespoke options in choosing his or her colour and material combinations. Referred to as the Beast on Instagram as it is 22.5mm thick with a 48mm diameter bezel & 15mm diameter crowns.  These are the biggest in the world & are really functional compared with the standard 6mm crowns most commonly found.

The route decided upon was to determine proof of concept first, by manufacturing all the components in various materials & colours & then assemble watches as & when required.  The concept is extremely streamlined & efficient.