After ‘discovering’ Lonville in 2007 Joost Vreeswijk and a small group of watch enthusiasts decided to breath new life into this historic brand, staying true to the concepts of great watch making, small series and understated elegance.

Eight years of passion, patience and persistence allowed us to realise our dream and create Lonville’s first watch after more than 50 years of silence: Virage.

Very small series (18 pieces of each Virage model), an exceptional movement, and zero compromise in quality and finish has resulted in a truly remarkable watch.

Lonville’s 2011 victory at the 24 hours of Le Mans was the inspiration for our second watch, the lightweight titanium G24 with its unique multi-layer dial, constructed in a series of 24 pieces.

Following a decade of experience organising the Lonville Classic rally, we decided in 2019 to design our own version of the ultimate classic car rally chronograph: the Rallymaster. This stainless steel chronograph will be constructed in limited series of 48 or 88 pieces to respect our passion for limited edition watches of exceptional quality. Welcome to the world of Lonville.