Franck Dubarry

Created in 2015, Franck Dubarry brand aspires to develop luxury watches brand gambling to be definitly different in an industry based on very traditional codes.

Franck Dubarry unveils his first collection, Crazy Balls, with a revolutionary complication (registered patent).

It has been followed by the Crazy Colors collection, which propose a colored cocktail with semi-precious stone sticks and invisible sets.

In 2016, Franck Dubarry launches the iconic collection «Revolution Fileteado». He has been inspired by the italian immigrants arrived in Argentina in the 20’s, and have brought the street art, very typical from the old Porteno districts, now called « Fileteado Porteno », as well as the artistic trends Art Nouveau and Calavera.

Franck Dubarry watches are represented in several countries all around the world, through distributors or subsidiaries : France, Switzerland, Italy, Marocco, Gulf States, and the USA (where the brand is settled in Miami) and Asia driven from Hong Kong.

About Franck Dubarry

Franck Dubarry is a French entrepreneur, designer and watchmaker. Founder and CEO of the brand TechnoMarine, between 1997 and 2007, and from now on creator of the eponymous watches brand Franck Dubarry.

Franck Dubarry deeply loves timepieces. The more than 1000 models and references of watches which he has created illustrate his original ambition to make the complicated simple.

His inspiration comes from his multiple passions : trip ; Argentinian culture, Polo and martial arts that he regularly practices.