FD Hermann

In 1997, at the age of 8, on holiday in the south of Spain, a friend of my family wore his watch strangely, on the LATERAL side of the wrist. It grabbed my attention immediately. The watch itself was not developed for this position. It was a normal watch that he wore in a different way.

To my “naive” question of why he wore it this way, he simply replied that it was easier to read the time. Despite my young age, I found his logical answer. In this position, there is no need to turn the wrist to see the time. This anecdote has left on my mind and gave me the idea of ​​developing in 2014 a timepiece specifically designed to the LATERAL side of the wrist. Born in 1989 in Geneva, watchmaking and automobile enthusiast, I began my professional career at the age of 16 as a salesman in a bike shop after a difficult schooling.

About Daniel Hermann
My career continues at the age of 18 years after creating a service for prestige vehicles; carwash, transport, import, sales and purchase consulting.

Due to this activity, I completely fulfilled my passion for the fine automobile.

In 2013, after a long illness, I lost my brother François also passionate about watchmaking and automobile. The F in FD HERMANN is there for memory in order to complete the initial of my first name in the designation of the brand.

This terrible family tragedy motivates me to create something unique by going to the end of an idea. This inspiration lets me to launch in 2014 the development of an unusual timepiece designed to the lateral side of the wrist.

Following the birth of the first prototype on the 1st June 2017, I now have the pleasure to present to you this timepiece innovation within world of fine watchmaking.