Alexis Garin

Alexis Garin (1939-2020) was born in Val-de-Travers; a region reputed to be the most glacial in Switzerland, but, more pertinently, the cradle of the greatest watchmaking talents. 

A graduate of the Technicum – the watchmaking school of Le Locle – the young Alexis cut his teeth in the world’s greatest watchmaking establishments. Propelled by a sense of creative freedom, he soon began developing his own watches, or rather his first timepieces – marvels of technical accomplishment and complications that saw him combine subtlety of detail and perfection of proportion. The Alexis Garin brand was born. For the next 35 years, the maestro’s creations graced the wrists of some of the world’s most influential personalities and delighted numerous connoisseurs, eager to find the ultimate watch – the one that, having come to life in their dreams, finally found its way to the watchmaker’s venerable workshop.

Created in 1986 by Alexis Garin, the brand keeps carrying today its artisan soul and its passion through the expertise of Fabrice Pancini.

Leaving no room for industrial production of any kind, he is ensuring amazing, astonishing, handmade pieces anchored in tradition.

Savoir- Faire

Alexis Garin name and brand continue to occupy an iconic niche in the timeless landscape of Swiss Haute Horlogerie and to perpetuate its great tradition: the art of the unique. Through a painstaking selection of the world’s best craftsmen, the art of fine watchmaking constitutes an integral part of the unique history that emanates from each creation. Acquiring an Alexis Garin timepiece means passing on to our future generations the testimony of the watchmaker’s art pushed to its paroxysm. Dedicated to creating an exceptional object, unique in the world.

A product of excellence, reserved for the most prestigious connoisseurs of this world.

The arts and crafts that apply to the creation of our watches include: “grand feu” enamel, engraving, setting original design, openwork and the aesthetic work of movements.

Resulting in a piece of swiss heritage that will pass down through generations.

Grande Mesure

Each creation is unique, from the wristband to the smallest detail, handled in the most engaging manner.

All these skills conspire to produce a spark that imparts life to our timepieces, and it is through a golden rule – «Unique, they are all unique» – that the personality of each of them will find a suitor. Since, excepting their rarity value, only 25 of them are ever invited to attend the glittering annual Grand Ball of exceptional creations.

Alexis Garin is focused on the pursuit of perfection. We take into account the highest level of personalization, in order to create the most exceptional watch for each enthusiast. Each component is seriously selected. From platinum gold, to the most precious gems.

Our only goal: to deliver a handcrafted masterpiece exceptionally made for you, by you.