Alexander Shorokhoff

The “Alexander Shorokhoff” watch manufacture is located in the heart of Alzenau, a small idyllic town in Bavaria. A family-operated manufacture with great demand upon quality, handcrafted art and extraordinary design. We take the incentive to stand out from the competition and create watches that not only serve as timepieces but as “art on the wrist”, very seriously. It’s exactly what distinguishes us.

The manufacture of high-quality watches is no easy task. It is extremely complicated and requires great expertise. Together with our highly qualified workers, we develop and create marvellous and exceptional watches that combine cutting-edge design with highest quality, as well as fine and elaborate hand engravings.  We set and pursue this goal with the highest standard of quality and the awareness of our corporate philosophy in mind.

On the way to becoming a finished product, every model passes through various stations, starting with engraving to refinement up to calibration and assembly. We completely revise every movement, bring it up to date, and give it the distinction of “Made in Germany”.

Every master watchmaker is responsible for his watch from start to finish.  At the end, the respective master watchmaker certifies and signs off all watches with details about gait deviation, amplitude and water resistance.  Every certificate contains the numbering of the watch, which can also be found on the case.

In the past years, the brand Alexander Shorokhoff has become a luxury watchmaker with remarkable artful design, who creates its timepieces with great demand upon quality and handcrafted art.

Regardless all plans and novelties for the future – one thing will never change at “Alexander Shorokhoff“: The obsession to produce timekeepers with meticulous craftsmanship in order to provide them with an esthetical, perfect and distinctive design.