The Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter Watch Review

by Mar 5, 2023Limited Edition, The Sacred Crafts

Created with the passion of adventures on the ocean and the stories that go with them in mind, this is a treasure hunter’s homage to the traditional dive watch.

This collaboration celebrates the essence of adventure on the high seas.  Designed for and in collaboration with Indies Trader Founder, Martin Daly, the project came together over long distance story telling during the Covid 19 lockdowns.

The Sacred Crafts are a relatively young watch brand based in California, USA, whose whole philosophy is based around respecting the ocean and the travelling that comes with going to new destinations (to surf) and meeting new people during the travels. 

Captain Martin Daly is described as “Surfing’s most iconic boat captain” and has done it all when it comes to bucket list adventure travel.   As a surfer, diver, conservationist and relentless navigator, Martin is based in Indonesia and has amassed some of the most classic stories anyone could imagine.

The Treasure Hunter limited edition puts 50 Years of adventure and stories on your wrist – the Sacred Crafts owner and designer, Matthew Harkins, explains where the idea for the collaboration came from:

So we are in the middle of Covid hell in late 2020…I have not even left San Diego in a whole year so I’m going bonkers.  I got a message from the legend himself, Martin Daly – “One of my mates was wearing your watch on the boat…I love it! Lets make a watch together!”  This watch collection, “The Treasure Hunter,” is a salute to pioneers like Martin Daly who flung themselves onto at path of adventure in the big blue. The dial is a bit of a throwback to classic dive watches. Its ETA 2824-2 Top Chronometer movement is a pure work horse of a movement with impressive accuracy. The material story of this watch is much like Captain Martin – complex, rugged and draped with its own patina. With bronze, titanium, steel and gold elements all in balance, this watch has some unexpected angles.  Shipping with 5 interchangeable bezels made from ceramic, steel, surfboard fins and fishing nets, our brand story in on full display with a range of tones and textures that don’t traditionally belong to watch making but we made it work.  This watch harnesses one man’s thirst for adventure and connection to Mother Ocean in a big way.

The Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter "Blue Horizon"

The Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter “Blue Horizon”

Face & case

Before we get into it, I thought I should mention that the watch we will focus on in this review (and is shown in the images), is one of 3 versions released as part of a total of 50 piece limited edition.

Pictured, is the “Blue Horizon”, which comes in a brushed stainless steel case, however, there are 2 other versions which are not shown – the “Sea of Darkness” has a PVD coated steel case, with black sea glass dial and the “Diver Down” has a titanium and bronze case, with black lacquered dial.  All have 44mm cases.

The “Blue Horizon” is delivered with a unidirectional black ceramic bezel, with exceptionally bright Super Lumi-Nova markings and a brushed steel edge.  There are an additional 5 interchangeable bezels provided in the box, which there is more detail on that to follow.

Each dial appears unique, due to the material it is made from – sea glass.  In this instance, it is a light blue colour, with speckles of lighter and darker blue colours throughout, giving it an almost textured appearance, which changes depending on how the light hits it.  I have seen photos of other Blue Horizons, where the dial is either lighter or darker.

The sapphire crystal glass has anti-reflective coating on both sides and sits slightly higher than the bezel, which gives a more 3D effect to its appearance.

Long white minute markers are printed around the perimeter of the dial, which lead into the chunky applied hour indices, which are a variety of shapes depending on their locations.  These have brushed steel edges and are filled with white with Super-Luminova.

The Sacred Crafts icon is applied to the dial just below 12 o’clock and is in brushed steel, whilst the Indies Trader logo, “Grand Mer” and “300m” are printed on the dial above 6 o’clock.

Sword shaped hour and minute hands travel around the dial; they are quite chunky, have a line down the middle and either side is filled with Super-Luminova.  The seconds hand is much longer than the others, very thin and features a small circle towards its end, which is also filled with Super-Luminova.

On the left side of the case, there are 3 channels which follow the case and down the lugs, as well as 2 hex screws which add another element of texture.  On the crown side, similar channels are present on the lugs, but there is a crown guard screwed down with hex screws and the crown itself is nestled in and quite small.  At the end of the crown, there is an anchor stamped into an 18k gold crown insert, which is there to celebrate the “Treasure Hunter” namesake.

Turn the watch over and the screw down case back has both a polished stainless steel are with 6 hex screws securing it, whilst the upper level is brushed.  There are various engravings around it, circling the sapphire glass window, including the words “Gold Standard”, “50 Years” and the two brand names, as well as the number of the piece.  The glass itself also has an inscription, which reads “Capt’n Martin Daly Edition”.

Underneath the glass, there is plenty of perlage on the movement in full view alongside the custom bronze rotor (also with perlage and the brand logo).  The rotor is made from reclaimed bronze and has become a signature on their watches.

The Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter "Blue Horizon" Case Back

The Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter “Blue Horizon” Case Back


An automatic Swiss ETA Calibre 2824-2 Top Chronometer has been chosen for this piece, with COSC specifications, it features a glucydur balance wheel, anachron hairspring, incabloc anti-shock device and 25 jewels, of which red rubies are used for the pallet jewels.

Adjusted in 5 positions, it beats at 28,800 bph and owners should expect around 40 hours power reserve. 


The Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter "Blue Horizon" Side & Crown

The Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter “Blue Horizon” Side & Crown


The Treasure Hunter is delivered on a metal link bracelet – this “Blue Horizon” is on a brushed and polished stainless steel, the “Sea of Darkness” on a black PVD coated stainless steel bracelet the “Diver Down” on a titanium and bronze two tone bracelet.  All have the laser etched fastener with Martin Daly’s boat and signature, with “Indies Trader x Sacred Crafts”.

In all cases, there are 2 additional straps supplied; a Horween leather strap with bronze pin buckle and a textured flourine rubber diver strap with bronze pin buckle.

Not only do the additional traditional straps have quick release pins, but the bracelet does too. 

The Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter "Blue Horizon" Strap & Buckle

The Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter “Blue Horizon” Strap & Buckle

Other stuff

This is a collaboration which has been well thought out and comes with a story, as do all of The Sacred Crafts watches. 

A keen surfer himself, Matthew Harkins professes that Martin Daly is the iconic captain of The Indies Trader Marine Expeditions and for anyone who surfs he is the keyholder to bucket list VIP surfing in Indonesia. He’s seen and done ALOT – And he’s a watch freak to boot!

Martin has been in Indonesia a long time. In the early days, you can imagine…no internet, no CCTV, no mobiles, but guys back then were open to making money all kinds of way to keep them on the water and in the waves.  Martin is actually an accomplished diver and made some of his first cash as a wreck diver salvaging all kinds of metal and other items of value from the sea floor.

The packaging is not randomly cobbled together either.  Martin hosts many of the world’s top photographers and content creators, so using a genuine Pelican case with fully customised interior is just the level of packaging you might not expect. There are also a couple of secret compartments and surprises within them.  One of which is a dive knife and is just one of those extra touches that you also don’t expect when buying a watch, but wait until you’re on a boat for 10 days in the middle of the Indian Ocean – you will likely be glad you have it!

The Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter "Blue Horizon" 5 Bezels

The Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter “Blue Horizon” 5 Bezels

The Indies Trader Treasure Hunter comes with 5 interchangeable bezels.  Above is the assortment that this one is delivered with – they are made from brushed steel, with a variety of material inserts, such as ceramic, recycled surfboard fins and fishing nets and salvaged bronze.

The Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter "Blue Horizon" On the Wrist

The Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter “Blue Horizon” On the Wrist

Our verdict

I am personally a fan of spending time in and near the ocean; I have also met numerous people on my travels who’s life revolves around surfing and finding the “perfect wave” so to this effect, I suppose I would be drawn to The Sacred Crafts as a brand.  The story that goes with this watch just makes it more interesting though, as the people behind it have used their passion to make a watch with a real story.

On first glance, the watch looks similar to many of the other diving watches that we have seen come and go for years, however, not many watches have grown on me as this one has.

In the box, it appeared to be larger than I had expected; a 44mm case is sometimes verging on big for my small wrist, but once on the wrist it looks about right for me.  The Treasure Hunter has a good weight to it and feels very high quality if I was going to base it purely on weight alone.

At just over 13mm thick, it isn’t too thick and the smooth edges and concave glass to bezel and lugs, means it quite happily slips under cuffs without any fuss.

The look is so very different, with the blue dial and in my opinion, it’s a bit of a brave move to choose such a colour, when most of the competition are going for black and other more conservative solid colours, but regular readers will know that I do like “different”, so all good there.

The small details are where this watch (and accessories) really win against anything else out there.  The brand may not have the established name, but the attention to detail and thought that goes into every aspect is just astounding.  For example, the 18k crown insert, the choice of (easily interchangeable) 5 bezels and 3 straps, the micro adjustment and perfectly smooth bracelet clasp action and even the hidden treasures inside the box – a diver knife, dry bag and other accessories are just not what one would expect to be included.  It effectively comes with a full travel kit, ready to go.

The only negative point I could really mention, is that I felt that not all of the bezels match the blue dial, but I suppose in a different climate, I may well change my mind.

I was also initially slightly sceptical about the price point, as at $4,500, or £3,700 (plus taxes), it is in the range where some people may go for a more well known brand, however, in my opinion, everything about the watch demonstrates value for money.

This is a limited run of 50 watches, but only 15 of the “Blue Horizon” were made, so this is the rarest of them all – the remaining 35 were broken down as 17 of the “Sea of Darkness” version and 18 of the “Diver Down” version.  There are only a few of each version left as I write and if you manage to secure one, there is probably not a very high chance you will see another one of any version on a wrist close to you (unless of course you end up on Martin Daly’s boat!).

I didn’t know I needed one until I spent some time with the Sacred Crafts x Indies Trader Treasure Hunter “Blue Horizon” – if you are looking for a great quality diving watch with a difference (and a story), then look no further.

All 3 versions are available to purchase from us while stocks last – BUY NOW