Strom Ventus Review

by Nov 28, 2019Limited Edition, Strom

If you like to wear solid silver sculptures on your wrist, and appreciate the design of 1930’s cars, then this is definitely one for you.

Strom are well know for (mainly) gothic looking watch designs in the Agonium Collection, such as the Memento Mori, Draco and the In Memoriam HR Giger, however the newest creation within the series is the Ventus and has a slightly different look.

Ventus is Latin for wind, which immediately feels slightly less menacing than most of the other names in the Agonium Collection.

The inspiration of the Ventus is also definitely less morbid than many of the other watches within the Collection, but still about the living of life.  Strom explains:

An authentic work of art on the wrist that evokes our innermost questions regarding life, death, the finite nature of our existence, as if to remind us to live our time to the full, rather than seeking to control it.  Our inspiration by creating this sculpted timepiece was the elegance and beauty of the historic car bodies of the 30ies.  The dial and hands are inspired by the speedometer display of these cars.  

Strom Ventus

Strom Ventus

Before getting into it, I thought it helpful to point out that there are photos of 2 different watches in this review, the main image at the top of this page is the limited production model, as are most of the others, however the watch I saw in person was a prototype.  There are a few differences between the two – notably the hands and the crown styles.

Face & case

Handmade in silver 925, there is a lot going on around the substantial case of the Ventus. 

From the front, 4 screws are visible at each corner, which appear to hold down a hinged frame (hinged at the top) which are securing the double curved sapphire crystal above it all. 

The sides are sculpted to form what look like 1930’s car wheel arches which protrude out to form the strap lugs.  Chain-like accents appear to wrap around the “arches” as an additional touch.  There are a variety of groove lines circling the case sides and connecting the “arches”, as well as ridges in various locations which are reminiscent of vehicle air vents.

Sitting under the crystal, the British Racing green dial is comparatively understated against the case, with white being the only other colour used on the dial.  The words “Strom”, “Ventus”, “Made in Switzerland” and the water resistance (666 feet/200m) can clearly be read on the dial.

Being a GMT watch, there are 2 separate hour indicator rings to indicate times in 2 different time zones.  The inner is marked in Roman numerals from I – XII and is static; however the outer ring is marked with modern numerals and rotates to change the second hour indicator by using the left hand crown.

The 2 screwed down crowns have slightly different appearances to each other and protrude quite far out on either side.  The GMT crown on the left is similar to the inside spokes of a tri-spoke wheel and the right hand crown looks more like an engine cog, which is used to change the position of the hands.

The hour, minute and second hands are inspired by speedometer display hands and are finished with white lacquer, whilst the second and minute hands feature red tips, adding a splash of colour.

The case back is curved to aid comfort on the wrist and features a screw down plate with 6 screws holding it in place.  Various light engravings can be seen regarding the brand and other information about the watch.

Strom Ventus Case Back

Strom Ventus Case Back


The movement used in the Ventus is the automatic Swiss calibre ETA 2824-2A. 

Users should expect circa 38 hours once fully wound.

Strom Ventus GMT Side

Strom Ventus GMT Side

Strom Ventus Side & Crown

Strom Ventus Side & Crown

Strom Ventus Side & Crown


Featuring a solid silver buckle, in a design to match the case, the strap is handmade from a heavy leather, available in either a black or brown finish.

Strom Ventus Strap & Buckle

Strom Ventus Strap & Buckle

Other Stuff

Daniel Strom had apparently dreamed of his Agonium collection for years before he was able to perfect an “alchemist’s blend of watchmaking and silversmithing” in order to make it happen.

All of his watches within this collection are supposed to be sculptures, or pieces of art and unlike most other brands, telling of time seems to be almost secondary.

Strom Ventus on the WristStrom Ventus on the Wrist

Our verdict

At 44mm wide (plus at least an additional 10mm for the 2 screw down crowns on either side) and 55mm high, there is no getting away from the fact that the Strom Ventus is a big watch.

Off the wrist, it appears to be more of a sculpture than a watch, but on the wrist, the silver seems to appear smaller against the skin and the dial is what you notice most. 

Although quite heavy, the Ventus is comfortable and the contour of the case back make it even more so.  At 17mm thick, I think the watch is going to be on show most of the time, as not many cuffs are going to sit over it without a bit of persuasion.

As a self-confessed motor head, I really like the car inspired “chasis” and British Racing Green dial.  I also like the size and weight, but I’m not 100% sure I could pull off wearing it with my usual atire. 

Only 99 pieces will be made and priced at 16,000 CHF, I believe the craftsmanship is definitely value for money. 

I’ve slicked back my hair, found an old convertible, all I need now is a Ventus on my wrist (and maybe a new wardrobe to match it!).

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