Quentin Carnaille – Origin #III

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In a celebration of the origin of the cosmos, Carnaille provokes the viewer into contemplating and considering the act of creation as a timeless process where presence takes the place of absence and where being emerges from nothingness. The sculpture may seem harmonious at a distance but this superficial impression disappears upon closer inspection. The timepiece mechanisms reveal their chaotic arrangement, a plethora of entities coming together to form a uniform whole. Viewing this piece is bearing witness to the beginnings of our universe at its most primitive state, when it was comprised only of a single atom of energy. From the initial haze at the Origin, matter, time, light and space merge into a nucleus. This minuscule sphere contained by its surrounding vastness houses a ferocious energy. It is impassible in its struggle against the powerful forces that pull at it from all sides.

72 x 72 x 49cm
Steel, magnets, timepiece mechanisms

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