Vianney Halter – Deep Space Resonance

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Vianney Halter, the spacetime travel watch-maker reengineered the tourbillon cage of his emblematic Deep Space in order to integrate two acoustically synchronized balance wheels.

His passion for sci-fi and space exploration has led him to develop a device directly connected with motion and wave phenomenon through mechanics.  After many years of research, in 2021, the watch-maker was able to present his very first wrist watch fitted with two balance wheels in acoustic coupling : the Deep Space Resonance.

The complexity of the mechanism is highlighted by a light architectural construction containing 42 polished curved pillars and titanium bridges. the axis structure is layered in concentric cages: the innermost cage holds the balances and weighs 0.6 grams for 162 parts.  This cage rotates inside the traverse in 60 seconds. The traverse weighs 2.8 grams and rotates around it’s horizontal axis in 6 minutes. the traverse is mounted in the cradle,
that rotates on its vertical axis in 30 minutes. The whole 3 axis system counts 371 individual parts. Despite this  complexity, the technological architecture was kept at the most simple and efficient.  Nothing is superfluous.

The balances are nominally 3hz.  Each balance will transmit its acoustic wave through the shared solid bridge - like in a tuning fork - which will in turn affect the other balance.  This way, both balances will influence each other and quickly and reliably reach a common frequency: that is the genuine acoustic resonance.  There are two resonance modes: either in phase or in phase opposition.  Which mode the watch selects depends on the position of the escapements when the power crosses the resonance threshold and is reset when the watch stops. This way, the balances may start beating in a different mode and will offer a new view to the resonance phenomenon.

This manual wound construction offers 100 hours of resonating function.

The beauty of the mirror construction, architectural symmetry, light reflections and contrasts – thanks to the traditional hand finishing - give an magical sense to the mechanical ballet.

Integrated in the 3-axis architecture of the Deep space, the traverse of the Deep space resonance became a construction standpoint for the new la resonance VH222 Calibre: a machine without a mainplate, comprised solely of pillars and aerial bridges.


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