ArtyA – Son of Gears Shams NAC Crystal

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ArtyA is a Swiss watch company manufacturing either numbered or unique watches. The ArtyA Trademark is synonymous with the highest Quality, Innovation, Creativity and Avant-Garde Concepts. All ArtyA Products are passionately created exclusively by Yvan Arpa, Artists and skilled Master Watchmakers, all of whom carefully select the best available materials, and the highest levels of savoir-faire.

Transparency and precision on the wrist

For several years, ArtyA has been a specialist in sapphire glass and this is what is used in the latest pieces in the Son of Gears collection. A full crystal case perfectly transparent in order to maximize the see trough effect of different exclusive and patented ArtyA skeletonized movements ©

This incredible Watch has a Lab-created synthetic sapphire case that has the same physical properties, visual characteristics and hardness level as the natural gemstones. Natural sapphires are created by the earth and mined, which makes them rare. The synthetic stones (known as corundum, a chemically pure, aluminum oxide ) are created by man in a carefully controlled environment.

This case is incredibly scratch proof because of the remarkable hardness of sapphires – 9 on the Moh’s scale (apx 1800 Vickers) the third hardest mineral, after diamond at 10 and moissanite at 9,5. This is why it is long difficult and costly to create a full sapphire case to the high standard of ArtyA. There is another side for ArtyA that is of high interest to us, sapphire have properties and powers that we can feel and enjoy or at least consider positively.

The sapphire has, for centuries, been seen as a symbol of heavens, a guardian of innocence, a bestower of truth, a promoter of good health, and a preserver of chastity. It is believed to brings gifts of fulfillment, joy, prosperity, inner peace and beauty. Some wore it to ward off illness or as protection while traveling.

About the ArtyA skeletonized movements:

The aim of a skeleton is to reveal the movement, workings and mechanical beauty in all their glory. Once again, ArtyA reconciles extremes and opens up a new creative path, combining a movement clad in the absolute minimum with all the warmth of a life-giving heavenly body.


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