The Sacred Crafts

The Sacred Crafts brand is a humble nod both forward and backward into storytelling.

Beginning each collection with the notion that the product is already there, it’s just waiting to be let out. Our goal is to use less, laugh more, be different.

The brand concept came together one day in Bangkok over spicy salad and cold beers with old friends. With local knowledge in our corner and experience on our side, we dug into what we might come from such raw storytelling.

Our Seasonal Collection stories are meant to celebrate culture, craft and material that we regard as sacred. We drape our bespoke products in stories we intend to be enjoyed around the world.

Given the limited nature of our products and materials, each collection is numbered and certified so that its owner’s can be a proud part of The Sacred Crafts heritage.

Let’s Face It, We’re Drowning In Trash.

The concept is simple. Tons and tons of junk all over the world. What can we do with it? How can we NOT do what we’re doing now because it’s not working…

Our aim is to bring something positive back to the many places around the world that have impacted such a great global culture we enjoy today.

 Bespoke, Seasonal Collection Stories.

By nature, we are dealing with limited stories about excess materials that were once useful but have moved on and lost their original purpose.

We find stories, products and materials in order to help them become reborn. In doing so, we are helping to correct the convenience culture that has taken over a big part of our lives. We invite the expiration date, the rust and the scratches to show themselves off in all their glory.

Our Bespoke products are offered for as long as we have them. If we can’t make any more its because we used it all up.